Saturday, 17 August 2019 19:32

Sudan marked a historic moment with the official signing of a power-sharing agreement



Earlier today,Sudan's main opposition coalition and the ruling military council have formally signed a final power-sharing deal, paving the way for a transition to a civilian-led government.

The landmark agreement signed today in the capital Khartoum came after a long period of negotiations following the overthrow of longtime leader President Omar Al-Bashir in the wake of mass protests.

The power-sharing deal creates a joint military and civilian sovereign council to rule for a little over three years until elections can be held.

The deal also includes the establishment of an independent investigation into the crackdown on protesters by the security forces.

Among the guests, the prime ministers of Ethiopia, who had helped keep negotiations moving and Egypt were also invited to sign the document as witnesses

The 18-page document signed today has a distinct progressive tone, emphasizing that the pillars of the “new” Sudan are justice, equality and diversity.

It also guarantees freedoms and human rights.