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Summary of Latest Developments.


Tanzanian President John Magufuli declared the East African country "coronavirus-free" thanks to prayers by citizens.

Coronavirus might have been spreading in China as early as August 2019, according to a Harvard Medical School research.

Indonesia reported 1,043 new coronavirus cases, its biggest daily rise. The health ministry also recorded 40 new deaths.

More than seven million people have now been confirmed to have the coronavirus with at least 406,900 dying from the disease, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The US, the UK and Brazil have recorded the highest death tolls. The US, Brazil and Russia have the most cases.


Here are the latest updates:


Qatar records five deaths from COVID-19.

Qatar's ministry of health reported 1,721 new cases of infection on Tuesday, taking the country's total to 71,897. The death toll jumped by five to 62, the ministry added.

At least 1,634 people recovered from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, the ministry said. So far,47,569 people have recovered from the virus. 


Romania must extend "state of alert" by a month: President.

Romania's current state of alert enforced on May 15 to fight the new coronavirus, must be extended by another 30 days until the middle of July, President Klaus Iohannis said.

Iohannis ordered a strict lockdown in early March to rein in the outbreak and but replaced the state of emergency with a softer state of alert mode last month. The move must be approved by parliament to take full effect.

Romania has so far recorded 20,749 coronavirus cases of whom 14,910 recovered and 1,345 died. Over the past 24 hours it recorded 145 new cases.


Nigeria says more than half of Kano's mysterious deaths due to COVID-19.

As many as 60 percent of the "mysterious" deaths in Nigeria's northern Kano state were likely due to the new coronavirus, the government's health minister said.

Nigeria's tCOVID-19 ask force sent a team to the northern economic hub in late April to investigate and conduct "verbal autopsies" after local newspaper the Daily Trust reported a spike in deaths to around 150 people in Kano city.

Minister of Health Osagie Ehanire said the investigation found a total of 979 deaths recorded in eight municipal local government areas in Kano state at a rate of 43 deaths per day, compared with the typical death rate of roughly 11 deaths per day.

"With circumstantial evidence as all to go by, investigation suggests that between 50-60 percent of the deaths may have been triggered by or due to COVID-19, in the face of pre-existing ailments," Ehanire said.

He said the peak in deaths occurred in the second week of April, and that by the beginning of May, the death rate had gone back down to the normal rate.


COVID-19 may have been spreading in China in August: Harvard research.

The novel coronavirus might have been spreading in China as early as August 2019, according to Harvard Medical School research based on satellite images of hospital travel patterns and search engine data.

The research used high-resolution satellite imagery of hospital parking lots in Wuhan - where the disease emerged in late 2019 - and data for symptom-related queries on search engines for things such as "cough" and "diarrhoea".

"Increased hospital traffic and symptom search data in Wuhan preceded the documented start of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in December 2019," according to the research.

"While we cannot confirm if the increased volume was directly related to the new virus, our evidence supports other recent work showing that emergence happened before identification at the Huanan Seafood market."

"These findings also corroborate the hypothesis that the virus emerged naturally in southern China and was potentially already circulating at the time of the Wuhan cluster," according to the research.

It showed a steep increase in hospital parking lot occupancy in August 2019.

"In August, we identify a unique increase in searches for diarrhoea which was neither seen in previous flu seasons or mirrored in the cough search data," according to the research. 


Tanzania president declares country 'coronavirus-free'.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli declared the East African country "coronavirus-free," local media reported. 

President John Magufuli attributed the claimed success over the worldwide pandemic to prayers and fasting that the people of Tanzania have offered to God.

"It gives me joy to be the leader of a country that puts God first, God loves Tanzania," Jamvi TV in Tanzania reported.

"The works of the devil will always be defeated in Tanzania because Tanzanians love God and that is why even the corona has been defeated by God," Magufuli told a Catholic congregation in the capital Dodoma.

Source:News Agencies.