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Saturday, 10 February 2024 11:54

Malema aims for outright victory in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema spearheaded the party's manifesto launch in Durban, where throngs of supporters gathered at the Moses Mabhida stadium in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) on Saturday.

Malema told the crowd that his party's main objective for this year was to emerge victorious in the general elections.

"We are in the 2024 elections for nothing else, but to win," Malema said.

"South Africa, your freedom is coming tomorrow, the EFF will deliver freedom in our lifetime."

Malema also reflected on the past 30 years, saying "1994 was a missed opportunity".

He highlighted that there has been no freedom without access to water, flushing toilets, quality and decolonised education, healthcare, jobs, electricity and land.

"We are not free."

The EFF leader said he believed Apartheid remains deep-rooted in South Africa.

"We all know that nothing has changed since 1994. Thirty years ago, majority of land owners in South Africa were the white colonial settlers and 30 years later in 2024, the majority of land owners are still the settlers and their biological descendants."

Thirty years ago, the wealth of the country was concentrated in the hands of the white minority, 30 years later the wealth of South Africa is still in the hands of the white minority."

Malema said parliament will have the final say on the appointments of the governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), Chapter 9 institutions, state enterprises, the commissioner of the SARB and the inspector general. 

"The EFF government will change the constitutional structure, including the abolition of the provincial sphere of government, accompanied by a mass restructuring, and strengthening of local government spheres into a unitary state," EFF leader said. 

It has again called for the reduction, frequency, and cost of elections by holding national and local government elections at the same time to enhance political stability and accountability."

"The EFF government will amend the constitution to change the National Prosecution Authority to be a Chapter 9 institution," Malema said. This means it will be independent, and subject only to the constitution and the law.

The party's manifesto wants the correctional services system to be transformed to include compulsory education and skills for all prisoners. 

It said that this would be followed by the scrapping of the criminal record statuses of ex-convicts who were convicted of certain schedules of crime, depending on the seriousness of the crimes committed.

"The EFF government will ensure that there is substance to rehabilitation programmes to properly reintegrate ex-offenders as productive, useful, and law-abiding citizens. The EFF government will ensure that no correctional services facility or programme is run by a private corporation or company.

Malema urged EFF supporters to vote to stop load shedding.

"We say load shedding must stop because we are in darkness now. Load shedding has killed businesses and people have lost jobs."

He emphasised that the EFF's manifesto was not one of promises, but commitments.

The EFF leader further took a swipe at President Cyril Ramaphosa, labelling him as a sellout.

"When we fight him, we make no apology. We know that we are fighting an evil spirit of a white settler inside of Ramaphosa."

Concluding his address, Malema called on supporters to use the EFF's 265-page manifesto as a "weapon" to win the elections.

"There is no cold weather in the revolution. It is not cold, outside the ANC. We have made it warm outside the ANC. It is hot outside the ANC. There is no rain in a revolution. There is a revolution in the rain.

"We are not scared of the rain. We are not scared of cold. We are not scared of hot weather. We are ready, the people of South Africa, the people of KZN, we are starting now at Moses Mabhida, we are marching to the Union Buildings."

The latest Ipsos poll released on Tuesday has found that the ANC electoral fortunes are expected to decline to 38.5% from 50% in 2019 and the EFF to increase to 18.6% from 14.69% in 2019.

The results for other parties are: Democratic Alliance (17.3%), Inkatha Freedom Party (3.6%), ActionSA (3.4%), African Christian Democratic Party (0.9%), Freedom Front Plus (0.8%) and other parties 6.8%.  

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Video Courtesy of EFFSA.