Saturday, 27 June 2020 08:03

Photo Courtesy of the United Nations.

Malawi's opposition candidate Lazarus Chakwera has claimed victory in the rerun of last year's presidential election.

Early results have put him ahead of the incumbent, Peter Mutharika.

Official results for Tuesday's poll have not yet been declared by Malawi's electoral commission.

But state broadcaster MBC said the opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera is leading with 59% of the vote. President Peter Mutharika, who wants a second term, has 38%, it said.A third candidate who was not regarded as a serious contender, Peter Kuwani, is said to have received less than 2% of votes.

Last year Malawi became the second African nation to annul a presidential election over irregularities, after Kenya in 2017.

A re-run of the May 2019 election was ordered by Malawi's Constitutional Court in February after judges found widespread irregularities with the original ballot.

That election saw President Mutharika narrowly re-elected by less than 159,000 votes with a 38.6% share of the vote. Chakwera came second with 35.4%.

Chakwera and the candidate who came third argued that the election had not been fair.

Their complaints included allegations that vote tallying forms had been added up incorrectly and tampered with using correction fluid - known in Malawi by its brand name Tipp-Ex.

Source:News Agencies.