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Tuesday, 02 April 2024 21:13

Reddy to defend charge over 'anarchy, riots' threat video.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

The Umkhonto weSizwe party (MKP) leader Visvin Reddy has been charged for inciting violence and is due to appear before court on Wednesday after a viral online video where he is heard saying massive riots would erupt if the MKP was not allowed to contest the elections.

Reddy confirmed that he has been charged in terms of Section 17 of the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956.

"This is the same act used to charge former President Nelson Mandela," Reddy said.

"The charge is based on a video clip that was deliberately and intentionally circulated by individuals who are threatened by the groundswell and phenomenal support of the MK party, supported by Jacob Zuma," Reddy added.

Reddy denies the charges.

He said this charge arose from a misunderstanding and is based on a part of a speech he delivered at a rally that was taken completely out of context.

"I will be defending this charge in court through my legal team, where I believe the truth will be told. I am concerned, though, that state resources seem to be used to eliminate political opponents. This practice is reminiscent of the apartheid days, and I will fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. All those who know me can attest to the fact that I always preach peace and am a firm fighter for justice, "Reddy said.

Reddy a long-time Zuma supporter, said when the ANC took the MK party to court over its registration, civil war may break out if it was not allowed to campaign and be on the ballot paper.

"We are sending a loud and clear message, if these courts which are sometimes captured, if they stop MK, there will be anarchy in this country. There will be riots like you have never seen in this country. There will be no elections.

"No South African will go to the polls if MKP is not on the ballot," the former Minority Front, ANC and Democratic Alliance member said.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Natasha Kara said that no further details would be provided regarding the matter until Reddy's first appearance.

The MK was registered on 7 September and launched Soweto on 16 December. The party was named after the former armed wing of the ANC.