Tuesday, 27 August 2019 14:06

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has rejected offer of aid from the G7.


French President Emmanuel Macron said the funds would immediately be available to Brazil, to allow fire-fighting planes to stem record blazes in the rain-forest.

Brazilian Environment Minister Ricardo Salles had told reporters that they had welcomed the G7 funding to fight the fires that have swept across the Brazilian Amazon in record numbers this year and prompted the deployment of the army.

But after a meeting between Bolsonaro and his ministers, the Brazilian government changed course.

Bolsonaro had accused Macron of adopting a “colonialist” mindset at the summit.

The rejection of funds came as NASA confirmed an uptick in fire activity in the Amazon in 2019 and NASA satellites found 2019 is the most active fire year in the Brazilian Amazon region since 2010.