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Sunday, 07 July 2024 13:27

Motorists urged to exercise caution due to increased traffic expected on N3.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

The N3 Toll Concession said they are prepared for changing traffic patterns. Photo: iStock.

Traffic volumes on the N3 toll route are expected to increase from midday, with busy conditions likely to continue throughout the afternoon.

Schools are reopening on Tuesday, and racehorse enthusiasts are returning home after yesterday's Durban July.

N3 Toll Concession COO Thania Dhoogra said traffic volumes are expected to increase from Sunday midday, with busy conditions likely to continue throughout the afternoon.

Dhoogra also called on motorists to take precautionary measures following warnings of an intense cold front affecting most areas along the N3.

The South African Weather Service has warned that parts of the country will experience bitterly cold temperatures and strong winds over the next few days. 

"Please heed warnings and always adapt your driving style to the prevailing conditions. For your safety and comfort, please keep extra blankets, warm clothes, emergency medication, sufficient water, food supplies, a torch, and mobile phone chargers in your vehicles," said Dhoogra. 

"Adverse weather conditions do not only cause discomfort but could also lead to traffic delays, congestion, or even road closures in the interest of general road and public safety."

RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane called on every member deployed to behave responsibly and to execute their law enforcement mandates professionally, impartially and with integrity.

"We urge motorists to obey all road traffic rules and exercise extreme caution and patience," said Zwane.

"This weekend marks the end of mid-year school holidays, and this will add to traffic volumes as parents will travel back from the winter break. Therefore, Road Safety Education activists will be visible to remind motorists to behave appropriately to ensure that they arrive at their various destinations alive."

Zwane further urged motorists are further advised to be on high alert for pedestrians on this stretch of the road.

The number of fatal incidents involving pedestrians on this stretch is high. Occasional strong winds including low levels of visibility due to mist pose a challenge.