Friday, 30 August 2019 17:06


The City of Tshwane and its Municipal Manager Dr Moeketsi Mosola have parted ways.

It was initially agreed that He would leave by end of July but the deadline was missed and extended to August 31 by Tshwane Mayor Steven Mokgalapa.

And it was reported that He will receive R6 million golden handshake.

The DA-led City has attempted on two occasions to suspend Mosola for his role in the GladAfrica matter and for contravening the Code of Conduct for Municipal Staff members, set out in the Municipal Systems Act.

While the Auditor-General also made adverse findings on the highly controversial R12 billion contact, declaring it irregular. Earlier this year, Tshwane Mayor Steven Mokgalapa announced that the contract, which had already gobbled more than R300 million of Tshwane’s money would only be cancelled at the end of the financial year.

The contract was effected by the City of Tshwane in November 2017 to receive assistance in the roll-out of infrastructure projects valued at R12 billion.