Friday, 06 September 2019 10:18


Judge Daya Pillay has ruled in favour of ANC Nec Member Derek Hanekom in his civil case against former president Jacob Zuma. 

Judge Pillay ruled that Zuma’s tweet had been “untrue, defamatory and unlawful” and ordered the former head of state to apologise to Hanekom and remove the tweet within 24 hours while damages are yet to be determined.

Hanekom is suing Zuma to the tune of R500 000 for defamation following a tweet on July 25 in which he referred to Hanekom as a "known enemy agent".

Zuma was reacting to EFF leader Julius Malema's claims Hanekom had conspired with the party to oust him via a motion of no confidence in the National Assembly.

Hanekom filed an application in the Durban High Court, in which he asked the court to find that the tweet was “defamatory and false”, that the former president should be ordered to remove the statement from all platforms within 24 hour.