Tuesday, 15 September 2020 21:08


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Suzanne Daniels, a former secretary and legal head for Eskom, has reeled off a list of stunning exchanges she witnessed between senior executives for the firm and the Gupta brothers themselves. But this didn’t spare her Raymond Zondo’s wrath…

She admitted to meeting with known Gupta fixer Salim Essa on multiple occasions –even after she was offered an enormous bribe.

In recounting another rendezvous with Essa, Zondo found the story utterly ridiculous. The DCJ went as far as to interrupt his colleague conducting the cross-examination to deliver his two-cents-worth. It certainly delivered…

 "No, you could not have gone there out of curiosity. We are talking about a man who told you in 2015 about his knowledge of Eskom. Now you say he called you in 2017, and you agreed to go because you were curious?"

"The meeting when he offered you R800m is more reason to have nothing to do with that. The offer was nothing but corruption. You should not be wanted to talk to the person any more, nor should you take their calls. He offered you money to do something wrong. That is corruption."

Amongst other revelations earlier in the day, Daniels stated that the Guptas were openly rooting for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to win the ANC leadership contest of 2017.