Tuesday, 06 October 2020 18:11


Photo Credit:Stock Photo.

The Western Cape Department of Education (WCDE) is doing everything it can to see that Grade 12 learners in the province finish their matric year.

The department has since launched a campaign focusing on the ‘Future You’ and with matriculants thanking their younger selves for making the right choice to complete their studies.  

“Using the AE Face Tool, we filmed three Grade 12 learners from Parel Vallei High School and transformed their faces into older-looking versions of themselves.

“This allowed their future selves to thank their younger selves for choosing to finish their matric year,” the Western Cape MEC of Education, Debbie Schäfer, explained.

The department has also designed a website where Grade 12s can pledge to #CommitToFinish and access various learning resources.

“The learner will receive a notification of their commitment and will encourage them to get their fellow learners to do the same.”

The campaign has been launched on various social media platforms, billboards and directly to candidates via SMS and emails to schools.

Learners will also personally receive an examination support booklet, which will inspire them to soldier on.  

The booklet provides advice on the examination, bursary options and support networks, as well as old exam papers for eight high-enrolment subjects.

According to Schäfer, the experience has shown that some learners become despondent at the end of the year, following their trial exams and may decide to drop out.

"This year has certainly been a tumultuous year for our Grade 12 learners and their teachers. Despite the disruptive school year, they have shown true grit and determination. They have shown how resilient they are and I am extremely proud of them,” Schäfer said.

Continuous learning, even during level 5 restrictions, has been reassuring, even though the country is still battling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Teachers, learners and subject advisors communicated via various social media platforms.

“Learners took the initiative and began self-learning at home, and the use of alternative resources for learning and revision, through our e-portal and website, increased significantly,” said Schäfer.

She said the Class of 2020 is determined and the department is supporting them all the way.

“While matric attendance at schools is at 90%, we do not want to see learners dropping out or self-doubt creeping in.

“These learners have worked so hard for the past 12 years to reach this point and we want to support them to finish their matric year.”

Schäfer believes that the choice will change their life and the life of those around them.

“Hence the campaign line, ‘You will thank yourself later!’”

Grade 12s from the Western Cape can go to www.CommitToFinish.co.za to pledge their commitment to finish the academic year.