Tuesday, 17 November 2020 09:37


Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is expected to announce his fate as chairperson of the state capture inquiry.

This following a recusal application brought by former president Jacob Zuma's legal team which took the whole day to deliberate on.

The recusal application could have far-reaching implications on the commission's work over the last two years, involving 257 witnesses.

Zondo says he can't recuse himself because he is the sole member of the inquiry.

Zuma's legal team says Zondo will be biased against the former president because of their personal history.

The former president's team also warns that if Zuma is forced to testify, he will simply not say anything. 

Zondo says he hopes to deliver his judgment by Tuesday morning at 10am, but admits reaching a decision could take longer.

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Courtesy of SABC