Thursday, 26 September 2019 21:07
The South African Airways Pilots’ Association said that a majority of its members are willing to strike to if nothing is done to urgently turn around the national carrier.
SAAPA sent a Letter of Demand to the Company that included the following demands:
  • The appointment of a CEO within the next 90 days whose previous work experience includes the post of CEO and who has specialised skills and experience in the turnaround of an airline similar in size to SAA.
  • The appointment of a retired or active pilot to the SAA Board.
  • The restructuring of Flight Operations (based on the structure of several world class leading airlines and best practice) that was presented and submitted to the Board on behalf of both Management pilots and SAAPA which includes a Director of Flight Operations (DFO) at EXCO level reporting directly to the CEO. The DFO must be selected from the ranks of SAA pilots. SAAPA will be involved in the selection of the DFO and have the right of veto.
  • A skills audit (to be undertaken by an independent party) within the next 60 days of all General Managers and Heads of Department, including those in acting positions. The skills audit shall be based on international best practices using Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa as a benchmark. 
  • Compliance with and adherence to our collective agreements, the Regulating Agreement and the Recognition Agreement.
SAAPA said, " We trust that the company will consider our demands with the seriousness required. If not, we will be left with no choice. Our pilots have indicated that if necessary they are willing to embark on lawful industrial action to save the airline."