Tuesday, 01 October 2019 20:23

Ranjeni Munusamy’s affidavit to the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, in which she applied to cross-examine Hawks officer Colonel Kobus Roelofse following his allegations that she received payments from a crime intelligence trust fund, she also indicated that her employers, Tiso Blackstar, withdrew the legal support they initially granted her.

In testimony at the state capture commission, Roelofse said that he came across a R143,000 payment by Atlantis Motors to Munusamy's vehicle finance account when investigating alleged looting of a crime intelligence slush fund. He said he was looking into corruption between crime intelligence and the car dealership when he noted the payment.

In her affidavit, She denied being on the crime intelligence payroll and said she only found out in the wake of Roelofse's testimony that the money came through Atlantis Motors.

Munusamy said she was “horrified” at the allegations against her.

“Mr Roelofse suggests in his evidence that I have been paid by crime intelligence, that I am effectively an agent of theirs on their payroll. I am horrified by the allegation. It is false.

“The ... allegations are extremely serious and have the potential to destroy my reputation as a journalist. I wish to make it clear that I deny having been involved in any act of bribery, fraud or money laundering. 

She also provided a brief response to testimony by former crime intelligence officer Col Dhanajaya Naidoo, who said at the commission on Monday that he personally handled repairs to the vehicle. He said Munusamy handed the vehicle over to him at a petrol station near her home.

She again denied that she was paid by crime intelligence.