Thursday, 03 October 2019 16:52

Statistics South Africa said that housebreaking,car theft and murder slightly increased in the past two years.

Stats SA made the announcement during a press briefing on the release of the Victims of Crime 2018/2019 report and estimated that its findings were compatible with police statistics.


— Stats SA (@StatsSA) October 3, 2019


According to the report, there was an estimate of 12 000 murders committed during 2018/19 and the deaths affected about 0.07% of households in the country.

"The main reason for the huge gap between GPSJS estimates of murder and police statistics is that GPSJS estimates are based on murders that are known to households. The police handles murders that may not be known to households such as murders of homeless people, immigrants, temporary visitors and gang-related murders," Statistician said.

Watch:Statistician General releasing the stats:

Courtesy of ENCA.