Wednesday, 09 October 2019 20:44

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the paper setting out the roadmap for Eskom's future would be tabled before Cabinet soon.

He made the announcement while speaking at the start of the first meeting of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council at Tuynhuys, in Cape Town.


Ramaphosa appointed the 18-member council to advise him and government on developing and implementing economic policies that would spark inclusive growth.

Meanwhile Eskom's annual report containing the audited financial statements and reflected on the R21 billion loss, 30 days of load-shedding and R6.5 billion in diesel spend to minimise the impact of load-shedding for the financial year ended March 2019.

Eskom chairperson and acting chief executive,Jabu Mabuza said the results remain very disappointing as manifested by the declining financial, operational, and environmental performance.

He added that the billions of rand in bailouts from government had eased Eskom liquidity concerns and financial pressure.