Wednesday, 16 October 2019 13:51

The convicted rapist Nicholas Ninow has told the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria he has been using drugs since he was arrested at the Kgosi-Mampuru II Correctional facility.

He took to the stand as his sentencing proceedings began to once again implore on the courts leniency for the rape of the girl in the female bathroom stall of the Dros restaurant in Silverton, Pretoria.

Ninow broke down in tears as he said it had been difficult to say what he had done in public and especially with the media attention as he knew he could not take any of it back.

"I didn't care about anything at that time. I intentionally took her from the bathroom and intentionally did what I did, and the regret only came later."

"I was angry and full of hatred as I was in a tough place in my life.


Courtesy of ENCA.