Sunday, 20 October 2019 10:15

Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a series of letters to the EU after he was forced by MPs to seek a further Brexit extension.

The prime minister sent two letters to European Council president Donald Tusk – an unsigned message relaying parliament’s request for an extension to Brexit and a letter from him setting out why he does not believe delay would be in the interests of the EU or UK..

Downing Street said it believes the move fulfils the requirements of the Benn Act, which required the prime minister to seek an extension beyond his 31 October deadline if he was unable to secure parliamentary approval of his Brexit deal by the end of Saturday.
The person familiar with the conversation said Tusk will start consulting EU leaders on how to react, which may take a few days.
The result prolongs the 3 1/2 years of political turmoil triggered by the referendum. The possible outcomes range from delaying Brexit -- allowing time for a general election or a second referendum on leaving -- to a battle in court, or a chaotic and economically damaging departure from the bloc without a deal in just 12 days.