Monday, 21 October 2019 05:57

Helen Zille was elected chairperson of the federal council narrowly beating Athol Trollip.

Her election comes despite reservations by Mmusi Maimane and his supporters about her return to politics.

Maimane and Zille’s relationship has soured since she tweeted about colonialism, and her election could weaken his grip on the party’s direction.

Zille, led the party from 2007-2015, has expressed her support for Mmusi Maimane’s leadership in the party, consequently Maimane succeeded Zille as party leader in 2015.

Meanwhile it seems Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba will follow through on his promise to step down if the DA is taken over by "right-wing elements". He said if the election result turned out as it did, he wouldn't stay in the DA.

Fullview understands that Mashaba had met with some DA leaders where he said he would resign should Zille to emerge victorious.

However Zille invited Mashaba to discuss any issue he may have with the party.

“I have been with the party since the progressives many years ago,” Zille said.

“Herman will also remember that when he was being a very successful businessman, and I take off my hat to him for being an entrepreneur and a highly successful one in days where there were huge obstacles in his path, he will remember that while he was making a fortune in business, I was hiding Umkhonto we Sizwe operatives in my house and I was exposing the murder of Steve Biko.So I don’t know what these right-wingers are that he is referring to.”

Nonetheless DA is yet to give full details on the recommendations it has resolved following the report on the state of the organisation.

Maimane said he commissioned the review panel to get an honest assessment of the party to modernise itself and prepare for the future.

He said in terms of the direction of the party a lot of other issues would be fleshed out at its policy conference.