Tuesday, 22 October 2019 05:22

UK journalist Mehdi Hasan grilled former National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete on whether, in the 25 years since apartheid, her party has betrayed Nelson Mandela’s legacy and the dreams of South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Mbete said: “People have done wrong things, but that doesn’t mean it’s all lost, [or] it’s all gloom.” This was just one of the statements that left South Africans feeling misrepresented and disappointed.

She was asked about a number of issues, including the ANC’s successes, which have been overshadowed by rising youth unemployment, recent xenophobic attacks on African immigrants and ongoing allegations of systemic corruption – with former President Jacob Zuma currently facing trial.

An audience member asked about Marikana where 34 mineworkers died. Some were shot in the back and no one was held accountable. She was asked, “What are you doing about that?” and she answered: “I’ll find out”.


Courtesy of Aljazeera.