Monday, 03 May 2021 11:11

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Lucky Montana is back at the State Capture Inquiry on Monday morning as the commission hears more Prasa-related evidence.

During his last appearance, the former railway CEO, told the commission that the Guptas were never involved with Prasa.

Montana also accused former Prasa board Chairperson Popo Molefe of manufacturing facts that made Prasa look like a dysfunctional organisation, which he insists it wasn't.

Montana has also slammed the agency’s former head of legal, Martha Ngoye.

In his testimony at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture on Monday, he dealt with Ngoye's Termination of Employment letter dated May 21, 2015.

Montana told the commission that Ngoye was "unruly and uncooperative", and that she repeatedly dared him to fire her.

He said it seemed like Ngoye was telling him that she was not prepared to work with him.

Montana defended himself by telling the commission that he was not the kind of person who would just fire people without discussing the issue and attempting to find an amicable way forward.

Evidence leader Advocate Vas Soni said that Ngoye had reported an "unhappy" telephone conversation with Montana.

Montana had previously told the commission that Ngoye was trying to tie him to irregular contracts and maladministration at the parastatal.

Ngoye and general manager of Group Legal Services, Fani Dingiswayo, have previously claimed that they attempted to prevent irregularities, maladministration and alleged corruption under Montana’s watch, but this led to him firing them in 2015.

Montana said Ngoye wanted to be seen as a corruption-buster, but she had allowed major companies to take advantage of Prasa.

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